Frequently Asked Questions

EyeSmarty desktop application is compatible with MAC OS 10.1 and above. EyeSmarty App works with most Linux OS versions and runs smoothly with Windows version 7 and above. EyeSmarty can also be accessed via web browsers as well.

EyeSmarty ensures the security of data through SSL encryption. All the files on the servers having data are also encrypted which further enhances data security. EyeSmarty uses Amazon secure data centers which help us monitor our data centers 24/7.

EyeSmarty is as easy to setup as 1-2-3, as you can setup and learn to use EyeSmarty within 30 minutes by watching tutorials of EyeSmarty. Moreover, EyeSmarty also provides 1 on 1 training support to all of its customers for initial setup and understanding of EyeSmarty features. Once setup properly and knowing its different functions, EyeSmarty helps you save a lot of time managing your projects and teams working on your projects.

EyeSmarty helps managers measure productivity of their workers or employees working on their different projects through EyeSmarty most liked feature of member analytics. By using this feature managers can easily find how much spent time was productive or unproductive as EyeSmarty not only tracks applications used or website visited but also help manager see what exactly they were doing and how much time they were spending while they were using applications or visiting websites which helps managers easily identify productive and unproductive time and once the manager marks the time as unproductive then EyeSmarty subtracts that time from productive time tracked via EyeSmarty Desktop App.

EyeSmarty takes computer screenshots of your workers, moreover it also tracks keyboard & mouse activity of your employees which helps managers know whether their workers are using their computers and what is the frequency of the use of their computers  and different colors under each screenshot tells the whole story viz a viz employees productivity or performance.

EyeSmarty provides different kind of very useful reports to the management, moreover managers can also monitor live computer screens of their workers only when they are working using EyeSmarty Desktop Application.

EyeSmarty gives great importance to the privacy of its users. EyeSmarty only tracks or monitor all the activities on the computer of its users when the EyeSmarty Desktop App is running but when its users are not working or they are on break then they are not monitored by EyeSmarty. EyeSmarty believes in personal privacy of its users but we also think that employers have the right to check what their employees or workers are working on whether the hours worked by them are worthy enough to be paid or to be considered as productive or non-productive but EyeSmarty has strong faith that employers or companies must not monitor computers of their employees when they are not working or once they stopped their tasks on EyeSmarty desktop app.

As EyeSmarty strongly believes in the personal privacy of its users that is why EyeSmarty does not track or monitor computers of its users once the EyeSmarty desktop app is signed out or the task is stopped or paused by its users. EyeSmarty does not monitor or track the activities of its users when they are not working and have stopped or paused their task on EyeSmarty desktop app that is why EyeSmarty can claim that we are in fact less intrusive than any other similar software which monitors or tracks all computer activities and its usage and does not identify the fact whether the user is working on their tasks using desktop app or not.

Of course, EyeSmarty provides many other benefits other than only monitoring your team or employees. In fact, only about 30% of its features are related to monitoring of your employees or teams working on your projects but the other 70% features are for the benefit of management and their staff such as project management, milestones and tasks management, time tracking, project budget tracking, customer invoicing, communicating with your team via audio/video calls and computer screen sharing during video calls. Moreover, EyeSmarty empowers its users to manage their work time in an effective way, and also provides a deep insight about how the time was spent by your members or workers inside your company or business and these insights help managers improve their internal business processes which ultimately helps them enhance efficiency or productivity of their work force.

For instance the most important feature of EyeSmarty is to help managers not only know which particular tasks your workers, teams or employees are working on, but also helps managers know how much time is spent on which projects/customers by each employee or worker and also helps managers find how much time spent by their workers or employees was productive or non-productive. These important features of EyeSmarty helps managers allocate future time efficiently, reduces communication barrier among their teams, avoid wastage of time on needless meetings, with many other important advantages.

How EyeSmarty is helpful if we have already blocked social media and other unwanted websites for our employees.

Of course, blocking un wanted websites helps increasing in overall performance of your work force but as employees’ behavioral study tells us that there are many different ways which employees use to pass their working time without being productive such as spending time on their cell phones, taking long lunch or prayer breaks etc. EyeSmarty not only help managers prevent this kind of un wanted activities but also helps its users utilize their time in an efficient and more productive way. Moreover, EyeSmarty also provides accurate and deep understanding of team time management which helps managers allocate time across their employees  in a more efficient manner.

As we know this very well that if we do not track time of our employees during their working hours throughout the day then we cannot find out where our workers are spending their time. Beside tracking work time of your employees during their working hours, EyeSmarty provides more features as well for example it helps managers prioritize and focus their tasks and also helps them find out whether tasks are being completed within stipulated time or not. EyeSmarty provides many insightful reports which helps managers identify best performers as well.

Of course EyeSmarty is useful for individual users as well. Individuals can also use EyeSmarty in order to track their own time in an effective way. EyeSmarty can help individuals find how much time they are spending on what task that can help them prioritizing their tasks along with making them more focused on their priorities.

As we know that people always resist against change and if we talk about EyeSmarty which is basically a employee productivity monitoring software that is why only employees who are sluggish and habitual to waste their time during their working hours may resist in the implementation of the software otherwise honest and hard-working productive employees of your team will love it because they will be aware of its benefits towards increase in their performance. Moreover, those employees who like work from home or like to have flexible working hours will always help you implement this software happily.

Comparing to our competitors EyeSmarty is not only very cost effective but also provides many added features which our competitors do not provide for instance live screen monitoring, communicating with your employees via audio/video calls, project budget tracking and customer invoicing etc. For further details about our features and pricing plans, please check our different pricing plans.

Currently we only have desktop app for tracking time of your employees but we are aware of your need regarding mobile app which will be up soon as we are working on it.

Yes EyeSmarty desktop app also works smoothly on Linux OS.

There are different reports available in EyeSmarty which can help you monitor all the activities of your employees. These reports are as follows:

Project Report – In this report you can view project wise time spent by your employees working on the selected project during selected time duration. You can view how much time was spent by each employee of your team working on your selected project. Moreover, you can also view the time spent on each milestone and task within selected project. You can easily view this report by logging into your EyeSmarty account using internet web browser.

Members Report – In this report you can view your employee or workers overall time report spent on different projects during selected time duration. Moreover, in this report you can view the total number of projects, milestone and tasks your employees or workers worked on during selected time duration and you can also view how much time they worked on each project, milestone and task along with their daily work diary showing their random screen shot taken by EyeSmarty. Moreover, this daily work diary also shows bars of different colors under each instant screen shot along with mouse and keyboard click count which helps managers identify performance of their employees in just a glance.

Timesheet – In this report you can view members or workers detailed timesheet. This report shows daily working hours along with total monthly working hours. Moreover, it also shows total tracked hours using EyeSmarty desktop app along with manual hours added by employees during selected time duration.

Instant Screenshots – EyeSmarty randomly takes computer screenshots of your workers after some time interval and this time interval for taking screenshots can be setup between 3 to 20 minutes.

Other EyeSmarty useful reports – EyeSmarty provides many useful reports to the managers. The most popular report name is members analytics. This report helps managers identify their best performers. This report not only shows you details of the application and website during working hours but also shows the details of exact task being done during working hours and time spent on exact task as well. You can view this report online by logging into your EyeSmarty account. Moreover, EyeSmarty provides detailed budget tracking report as well, where it shows allocated budget for all project and each project, utilized budget along with remaining budget of each project.

EyeSmarty not only track all the applications used or websites visited but also track how much time was spent on each application or website and what exact task was performed during particular time period as well. This feature of EyeSmarty help managers identify best performer of their teams.

EyeSmarty does not block any application or unwanted websites because some time these websites or applications are required by employees for the performance their duties. EyeSmarty does track all the application and websites and allows managers to identify and mark the application and websites and the tasks performed on them are productive or non-productive.

If the users is working using EyeSmarty desktop app and internet gets disconnected even then the user cannot only record time but track work as well and the data is uploaded once the internet connection is restored. It is imported to note that do not close EyeSmarty App before restoration of internet connection otherwise all of your unsaved time will be lost. Moreover, user can also upload manual time in EyeSmarty as well.

Important reasons for choosing EyeSmarty over its competitors are as follows:

Real time tracking of work hours by EyeSmarty – EyeSmarty help managers track working hours of their employees or workers accurately as most of the time people forget how much time they spent on each task of their different projects but using EyeSmarty desktop app they will not have to worry about it because EyeSmarty tracks their work hours on real time basis.

EyeSmarty sends idle time alerts – Most competitors do not send idle time alerts to your employees or workers but when EyeSmarty detects that your workers or employees are not working or may be killing their time, EyeSmarty detects this behavior of your workers and it automatically start sending idle time alert to your workers or employees and these alerts keep your work force on toes all the time during their working hours.

EyeSmarty desktop app stop tracking time automatically –  As we have experienced that most of the time people forget to pause or stop their time tracking app when they are not working and their app keeps tracking time which is not right that is why EyeSmarty desktop app automatically stop tracking time when it detects that your worker or employee is not working anymore and forgot to close or pause their EyeSmarty desktop app.

EyeSmarty provides you multiple ways to know if the time tracked is relevant or not – The most important method which no other competitor provides is real time computer screen monitoring of your employees. Managers can monitor live computer screen of their workers only when they are working and can even communicate with them as well via audio/video call. Moreover, instant screenshot, keyboard & mouse activity along with activity bars having different colors can help managers find in a glance that which employee is utilizing his or her time in a productive way or just killing his or her time. EyeSmarty provides one another very important feature of members analytics and this unique feature of EyeSmarty helps managers find out their top performers in a very simple way.

EyeSmarty does not track overlapping time – Most of other time tracking systems does allow tracking of overlapping time which is logically in correct that is why EyeSmarty does not allow this practice.

Once you will explain your employees how EyeSmarty works then they will not have any such concerns. It is how you should explain to your employees regarding EyeSmarty.

EyeSmarty not only helps business owners & managers find how their workers or employees spent their time during their working hours but also helps employees and workers track their working hours in accurate way. Employees need to be told that once they will install the EyeSmarty desktop app in their computers and will run the EyeSmarty app during their working hours then their managers and team leads will be able know where did you spend your work hours and whether your tracked work hours are productive or non-productive which can help managers not only make their operations more efficient but can also help them find their top performers so that they can reward them accordingly.

Moreover employees can also see what exactly their manager can see about their work by logging into their account of  EyeSmarty website, where they can see exact reports regarding their work that their manager can see provided they have been given this access as well in their user role.

EyeSmarty does not track or record any of your activities when you have stopped or paused your EyeSmarty app but when you will start your EyeSmarty app only then EyeSmarty will start tracking your time and will help your managers see how you are utilizing your time when you are working and you will not have to be worried to remember your working hours as well that is why use of EyeSmarty is beneficial to both employers and employees.

When it comes about privacy of employees, EyeSmarty strongly believe that employers have right to know where their workers are spending time during their working hours but employers must know about the activities of their employees when they are not working.

Instant screenshot feature is very important for managers but we have allowed workers to delete the instant screenshot if they think it violates their privacy but once they will delete their screenshot then the time allocated to that screen shot will also be deleted as well.

All of your company’s data is secured as we use SSL encryption on all of our data servers. All the files saved in our servers are encrypted as well which further enhances the security of your data. We use Amazon secure enterprise datacenter, where we have the facility to monitor our servers 24/7 that is why you should not be worried about security of your data.

Once you and your employees will start using EyeSmarty, you will both experience the great benefits of EyeSmarty and then you will also start feeling comfortable with it as well because then you will be able to know more about EyeSmarty features and how it works when it comes about recording activities of its users. You will be surprised to know that a good number of our customers who are using EyeSmarty for tracking their work hours, managing their projects and organizing their tasks are individuals and there is no one else monitoring them as well that is why we can claim that EyeSmarty is very useful tool both for companies and individuals as well.

EyeSmarty is useful for both in house and remote employees. Especially remote employees love to use EyeSmarty because their managers can easily find out how much time they are spending on different projects and their related tasks. Moreover, managers can easily know how productive they are as compare to their in-house team members that clears all doubt whatsoever their managers may have regarding remote employees being less productive.

If you analyze comparison of EyeSmarty’s  product features with our competing systems then  you will find out that most of these systems only focus on project management or time tracking or both in a complex way and most of their features are not that much needed for the project management or even required by the project managers and team leads which compromises their ability to be learnt and used in a user friendly way hence compromising on other very important features required by business owners, project managers and team leads which EyeSmarty provides.

Moreover, as far as employee’s productivity monitoring is concerned no other system provide such a feature as EyeSmarty does because the rest do not provide employee productivity monitoring feature the way EyeSmarty does because they only provide time tracking along with project management with other features not much used or  required by most of the Project managers or team leads, whereas EyeSmarty is the only solution that not only provides project management, time tracking & employees productivity monitoring  system but also provides Api Specification, Quality Assurance, Project Budget tracking  & invoicing customers, built-in audio & video calling for project team members, live screen monitoring, live screen recoding &  screen sharing at a very competitive prices. Moreover, the way EyeSmarty provides the detailed employees productivity monitoring no other system does in the area of employees productivity monitoring system such as detailed member/employee/workers analytics, employees/member detailed productivity report along with live screen monitoring of member/employees/workers as well.

To sum up, EyeSmarty is one super easy to learn and use platform, built for professionals, executives, managers, business owners, project managers & team leads, that offers its users to look into all aspects of their Projects such as Project Management to Time tracking, budget monitoring of projects, audio video calls, live screen monitoring, live screen recording & employee’s productivity monitoring, up until invoicing/billing customers during or at the completion of the projects.

There are only 2 scenarios where the EyeSmarty system shows screenshots in the work diaries of users/workers but the tracked time is not added in the system. First scenario is when users/workers close their EyeSmarty app without saving their working time after ignoring the system warning and the other scenario is when the system is shut down accidentally without saving working time.

In this scenario user/worker can still track time on the same task and once the internet is restored then the tracked time will be updated by EyeSmarty App. It is important to note that screen shots of tracked time is updated after each screen shot interval whereas tracked time is updated only when the user/worker decides to stop working on his/her task.

Users/workers can avoid loosing their tracked time by adhering the following precautions :

  1. Never ever close your EyeSmarty App without stopping your task.
  2. Make sure your system is not accidentally shut down due to any reason.

When the users/workers keep working on their selected task during the period when they are offline due to internet problem only then their work diary for that particular period will not show their screen shots but once the internet is restored and users/workers decide to stop their tasks then their time will be updated correctly.

EyeSmarty App updates tracked time only when user/worker decides to stop working on his/her selected task. Moreover if the user/worker is offline and he/she stopped his/her task on EyeSmarty App then user/worker must not close EyeSmarty App before the restoration of the internet in order to avoid his/her tracked time.